In just 9 days, Piazza Mignanelli in Rome was transformed into a modern Roman Forum. The austere and sleek set designed by artist Pietro Ruffo captured the discipline and rigor of ancient Rome and the solemn and profound soul of the Haute Couture Collection.
THE SETTING: During the fashion show, the historical context of the square, used since the Baroque for ephemeral installations on the occasion of great events, is transformed into a truly immersive installation, thanks to the intervention of the artist, Pietro Ruffo, who will augment the perception of space by multiplying the levels. The elements of the installation are also inspired by Roman history, its complexity and its infinite facets, but they also suggest a new way of viewing the city’s identity, projecting it enthusiastically toward the future.


Italian fashion house Valentino is further entwining itself with its hometown of Rome through a performance installation at Art Basel Miami.“From Memory to Creativity” offers a rare inside look at the artisan craft of Valentino’s seamstresses through the foil of artist Pietro Ruffo, who will create alongside them in a reproduction of the label’s Roman atelier. This stop in Miami is the first in a series of Valentino’s celebrations of the eternal city, “Mirabilia Road,” which will begin next May.

This installation in Miami serves as a follow-up to the couture show, again featuring the connection between Valentino and Rome, which is the source of its design inspiration.

In Valentino’s performance piece, Mr. Ruffo will recreate the map of Rome first drawn by Giovan Battista Nolli in the 18th century. Keeping to handcrafted methods, the artist will work as if in ancient times.

“We are extremely proud to continue the journey we started with Mirabilia Romae,” said Valentino creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli in a brand statement. “The artistic installation of Miami ‘From Memory to Creativity’ is an important moment to narrate how our stylistic direction can develop from personal to universal.

“The concept of ‘bottega dell’arte’, recreated through the work of Pietro Ruffo, glorifies the values of time and the precious manual skills of our haute couture atelier,” they said. “[It is] a performance that celebrates our creative identity, transmitting it towards the future.”This installation is the first “act” in Valentino’s “Mirabilia Road” project, set to kick off in May 2016. Collaborating with Filippo Cosmelli, Daniela Bianco and Simone Ferrari, Valentino developed a seven and a half mile tour through the center of historic Rome that will point out monuments and spots that may have been missed otherwise by visitors.

L'idea di progetto per il Miami Design District nasce  da una stretta collaborazione fra pietro Ruffo e Kami.

I due tavoli di lavoro (Sarte, Artisti) vengono disegnati per l'evento. Questi tavoli chiudono tutto il processo creativo cha ha dato vita alla sfilata e generano le forme del progetto. Due "Isole" stratificate che danno l'idea di una piazza su diversi livelli. Realizzando delle pedane immersive che permettono ai visitatori di fare un'esperienza che va dalla Memoria alla Sartoria, dalla Manualità all'Arte tenendo Roma, il suo tessuto urbano, le stratificazioni storiche, come punto di riferimento.