The project MOON WALK born from a series of original prints of 1963, ink vision of the moon, a moon surface on which man had not yet set foot, so they are fantastic imagined landscapes. Cut on these landscapes their are Russian, American and Chinese propaganda posters of the mission to the moon. The space race was not just about convincing the other side of their superiority, they had to convince their own people that these pursuits and the costs that came with them were for their benefit and for the benefit of their country. However, these different nations with different ideologies would also take different approaches in doing just that. In the Russian posters man is placed on the first plan, itʼs the Russian worker who with his own hand launches missiles to the moon. In the American images technology is put on the first plan with the human figure always very small compared to the rockets. Chinese Poster are focused on chinese symbols with the inclusion of the stars of the Chinese flag, and other symbols such as the Great Wall of China. Analysing the differences between these images, reveals much of the Cold war period, and on the ambitions of a great nation as China even today.

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